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We have rented out the house for the remainder of 2021. Please check back next year for future availability.

Nightly RATES

This house is not your typical Bed and Breakfast, this is a private cottage rental.

Dates Kitchen, Living Room, Two Bedrooms, & Bathroom
Week Days $75
Week Ends† $80
Temple Patrons ‡


* all prices are subject to change | † applies to everyone - including Temple Patrons | ‡ prices to aid in Temple work

The house includes two bedrooms; one has a queen-size bed and the other has a full. It's fully furnished but does not have cable or Internet access.

"This is not a luxury place to stay, but it's very cozy,"

Some couples who were married at the temple have stayed here, as well as some couples who live in Pima have celebrated their anniversary at the Follett House.

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